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Dear Friends of the Shoreditch Art Wall®

We are taking the ‘Shoreditch Stage’ developer, Cain International, to court for the return of the SHOREDITCH ART WALL, and I would greatly appreciate your support by way of a small contribution.  



Please forward this email to anyone you think might be interested in supporting this cause.

Best regards, and thank you for your  time.


Peter and Lisa

The Shoreditch Art Wall




 London Art Promoter to Sue US Developer for The Return of The Shoreditch Art Wall®


When Cain International broke our agreement and took back the Shoreditch Art Wal®l and collapsed my business, their CEO said, "It's our wall, so sue us!" So I am going to show the US developer that 'might is not right'

Peter Mackeonis and Lisa Foster, the founders of the Shoreditch Art Wall(tm), the seven year old influential art location on Great Eastern Street in the heart of East London, is asking for the help of the community to sue Cain International, the developers of the £750 million luxury 'Shoreditch Stage' complex, for the return of the Shoreditch Art Wall.

The Developers Are Part of a Los Angeles-Based Entertainment Conglomerate

Cain International, is the London-based portfolio company of Eldridge Industries, the US Greenwich, Connecticut-based private equity investment firm that also owns the Los Angeles Dodgers, the 'House of Cards' Production house, Dick Clark Productions, the Billboard-Hollywood Reporter Media Group, which includes The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard Magazine, in addition to, the producer of the Golden Globe Awards and the American Music Awards.

The Claim for Damages

The suit will claim that Cain International took control of the Shoreditch Art Wall (tm), during a London Fashion Week ad campaign, just fifteen months into a three year agreement, under which Mackeonis and Foster were entitled to use the wall for art and charities and let it for profit to commercial clients, in exchange for lifting their Stage development with art and high-end advertising on the wall.

Why People Should Support This Case?

As well as breaking an agreement with Mackeonis, the developer has deprived the people of Shoreditch of 2 years of beautiful art that traditionally appeared on the Shoreditch Art Wall(tm) such as:

Shoreditch Charity Murals: Artists Murals: Corporate Murals:

Broken Promises And A Loss To The Community

Mackeonis comments, "The Stage developers have not only broken their promise to us, but they have also broken their promise to the Shoreditch community, by not staying true to the spirit of the wall, which promoted artists and charities on a regular basis. " Continuing, "We kept the Shoreditch Art Wall fresh and alive by changing the art thirty or more times a year, while they have only changed the art twice in eleven months."

The Shoreditch Art Wall® History

Mackeonis, whose family goes back over 100 years in the East End, founded the Shoreditch Art Wall (tm) in 2011, to promote artists and charities and sell advertising on the wall to support them. The wall has featured over twenty charities gratis, including the Princes' Trust, Peter Gabriel's 'WITNESS' program, the 'GIVE RINGS THE FINGER' campaign against child brides, 'THIS IS NOT A TROPHY' campaign against big game hunting, International Peace Day, and and many others. The Lord Michael Bates' 'Walk for Truce,' and the Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson's, 'Access All Areas,' causes were also featured on the wall during the London 2012 Olympics, as was the disabled artists group 'VISION' six week exhibition,during The '2017 World Para Athletics Championships.' The Shoreditch Art Wall also hosted the four-week 2015 'Behind The Curtain,' paint-off competition, which featured 32 of the city's top artists.

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