17-19 Great Eastern Street, Shoreditch, London EC2







 Georgina Talfana on SAW

Georgina's art is in support of the eastside educational trust.
(During the week of August 8 to 17-19 Great Eastern Street, London EC2)


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Georgina-talfana INFRONT OF HER NEW WORK on the Shoreditch Art Wall
Georgina in front of her work!
Georgina Talfana is showing her work on the Shoreditch Art Wall on Great Eastern Street, in conjunction with Eastside Educational Trust also based in Shoreditch from 8th-14 August 2016. Georgina is completing an MA Drawing at Wimbledon College of Art, University of the Arts London at the end of August 2016. The four artworks on display are created in acrylic paint and oil pastels and are on the theme of the intensity of the city. Georgina enjoys creating large-scale drawings, making the Shoreditch Art Wall the ideal place display her work.

The first canvas is entitled Noise. This is a digital collage of all of the noises that Georgina heard during a walk from London Waterloo station to the White Cube Gallery at Mason's Yard. Although Georgina did not see all the noises she found images to describe them from Google and collaged them together. The noises include; a pizza delivery motorbike, wheels on a suitcase, a group of foreign students, a carousel bell and a street performers megaphone. Can you find these in the picture?

The second image shows a time-lapse drawing of a memory recalled outside Camden underground station. When she was 15 years old, Georgina and her friend Joanna sat on the pavement opposite the underground station and her friend said to her, "Imagine if you had to spend the rest of your life with just the people in your immediate vision, imagine what your life would be like." This is Georgina's response to this question and childhood memory.

The third image on display is entitled Around Green Park and is a collage of drawings made on location starting from Green Park underground station and journeying through the streets to the Sir John Soane Museum. The image includes drawings of; a jewellery box, Hanover Square gardens, the courtyard entrance to the Royal Academy of Arts and some bronze figurines on display in the museum. Georgina is interested in what happens to sketches after they have been made and how they can generate new artwork.

Finally, Georgina has joined up with the Eastside Educational Trust as she feels that it is important to help young people build their confidence through the arts. She believes that the arts can provide important learning opportunities and ways to develop personal and creative skills. In her fourth canvas she collages stills from a YouTube video of the charity’s recent Verse vs Verse Poetry Slam.

More information about Georgina Talfana or Eastside Educational Trust can be found at: and
Georgina-talfana on the Shoreditch Art Wall

Georgina-talfana's NOISE on the Shoreditch Art Wall




 Georgina-talfana's CAMDEN on the Shoreditch Art Wall





Georgina-talfana's AROUND GREEN PARK on the Shoreditch Art Wall


"Around Green Park"


Georgina-talfana's EASTSIDE on the Shoreditch Art Wall





Georgina-talfana;s INSTALLATION on the Shoreditch Art Wall




Georgina-talfana Up THE LADDER on the Shoreditch Art Wall


"Georgina Up The Ladder"





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